the rules

The Do's & Dont's

This shin-dig is in no way a la-di-da "mind your manners" lavish event, or a fashion parade. Have fun, be comfortable and enjoy yourself.

- Cowboys leave your guns at home and park your damn horse OUTSIDE the saloon.

- Seated tables are for the ol' folk only! Young Whipper Snappers 18+ and Middle aged redneks can plant there behinds on a hay bale or stand around a hi-table.

(Wear comfy shoes)

- The music gonna get loud when its time to Boot' Scoot' so no winging!

- No smoking on the hay bales & peanut shells go on the floor, not in the bin!

- The BBQ out back may not be vegan friendly but vegans and vegimaterians feel free to feed on the hay bales.

- Any Rootn' n Tootn' in the bush please. Not on the hay bales.